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AIMSpatialSensor Class Reference


The AIMSpatialSensor is a special type of AIMSensor that is applicable for general 3D scenes (front-end component).

Since there are no particular assumptions for this sensor, it can be used to control agents that are required to move in all 6 degrees of freedom like airplanes or helicopters. However, this also comes at the expense of an interpolation method. Attention, a sensor might be shared by multiple agents! Changing the data of a shared sensor at runtime is not thread-safe.

Front-end component of the underlying Move.SpatialSensor class.

Inheritance diagram for AIMSpatialSensor:

Public Fields

SpatialSensor SpatialSensor = new SpatialSensor()
 The serialized sensor data. More...


override Sensor Sensor [get]
 The contained sensor data (read only). More...