Polarith AI
Sensitivity Offset

Every receptor has a Sensitivity. It defines the maximum angle which needs to be between the receptor's Direction and the ResultDirection for a steering behaviour to write a corresponding objective value. So Sensitivity is more ore less a global concept which can be shared across multiple agents having the same sensor. However, there might be situations where you need different Sensitivity values for certain behaviours but without modifying the sensor. Therefore, we made it possible to locally adapt the Sensitivity (with respect to the behaviour) by adding a SensitivityOffset.

For example, given a receptor with a Direction = (0, 1, 0) and a Sensitivity = 90°. Then, the resulting magnitudes for a target percept would be:

| ResultDirection = (1, 0 ,0) | ResultDirection = (0, 1, 0) –|–|– SensitivityOffset = 0° | 0 | 1 SensitivityOffset = 90° | 0.5 | 1

The following figure demonstrates the effects which can be achieved by using the SensitivityOffset.

Figure 1: (From left to right) SensitivityOffset = 45°, SensitivityOffset = 0° and SensitivityOffset = -45°. All agents use a Seek steering behaviour with an inverse linear value mapping.